Any Bright Ideas?

alverdiscott and huntshaw parish council

Welcome to the new Alverdiscott and Huntshaw Parish website. We’ve pulled in most of the content from the original website, now we’re looking for feedback from the Alverdiscott and Huntshaw community.

huntshaw winter view
Huntshaw Parish

We’d love to hear from you!

What do you think? We’ve already included things like local bus times, local weather and planning guidance, and local services like emergency and medical contact numbers, how to report problems on local roads, local police plus Parish Council and Environment Agency contact details.

You can click here for current local Planning Applications. We’ve provided Parish maps and really interesting demographic data. We’ve made a page for the Alverdiscott Community Hall and there’s one on the way for Huntshaw Village Hall. And there’s a growing archive of Local Rags to enjoy thanks to Elsie and David, who have been producing the Parish’s best read for an impressive sixteen years… so far!

There’s more on the way, and that’s where you come in

Is there anything else you’d love to see on the site, anything you’d find particularly handy or interesting?

Would it be useful for local businesses to have a feature page each on the site? If so, we can organise that, and even write and create the page for you. No charge, of course!

Would anyone like to write blog posts for the Parish blog? If so, the world is your oyster – you can write about anything and everything you think local people might be interested in. Nature, baking, animal husbandry, the future of farming, photos of your pets, gardening tips, the latest developments at Huntshaw church, places to go, success stories, appeals, bargains and offers…

Let’s talk

Contact us to let us know your ideas and any other feedback. It’s our aim to make this site a lively, fun and useful resource for everyone in the Parish, and we’ll be thrilled to see as many contributors as possible coming on board.