Councillors’ Register of Interests

The law requires (Local Government Act 2000) all members and co-opted members of district and parish councils are to complete a Register of Interests form to register their financial and other interests. A Register of Interests form must be completed within 28 days of being elected.

The register of interests includes:

  • Details of any employment or business carried on by them.
  • The name of their employer.
  • Details of people who have paid towards election expenses.
  • Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council.
  • Interests in any land in the area; details of any directorships.

View Councillors’ Register of Interests

It is the responsibility of each individual councillor to ensure that their registry entry with Torridge and District Council is always complete, up to date and accurate.

Follow this link to access the parish council contacts register on the Torridge District Council website. Or click on a specific councillor’s name below to see their existing register of interests.