Parish Councillors

Here are the contact details for current (Mar. 2020) parish councillors.

  • Francis Courtenay – 01271 858322
  • Peter Ley – 01271 858230
  • Donald Easterbrook – 01805 623113
  • Eddie Staines – 07831 262808
  • Bruce Millar (v.chairman) – 07392 304567
  • Helen Bolton – 01271 858885
  • Tony Goldstone – 01271 858437

Parish Council Vacancies

There are currently vacancies for new Parish Councillors. If you would like to learn more about becoming a councillor this guide from Torridge District Council will be of interest. Please be aware that the council is required to have advertised vacancies appropriately before progressing applications.

If you are interested – please contact our parish clerk – Jean Huxtable – via the contact details below.

Our Parish Clerk

The Parish Council is currently (November 2020) seeking a new parish clerk.

In the mean time the council can be reached at this email address:

Please be advised that the parish council is not able to accept anonymous communications. But rest assured that no personal details including names and addresses will ever be shared without express permission and only the parish clerk and chairman will see personal details shared via mail.