Local Services

Local Roads – Report a Problem

Our local roads are not in a good state. Devon suffers with a limited budget and large rural road network to maintain. There are many potholes on our minor roads which can cause damage to vehicles and make it unsafe for cyclists.

You can let the Parish Council know of any particular issues if you wish or you can use the link on this page to report problems with local roads such as potholes and drainage problems.

If you see a particular problem it helps to take a photo if you can which you can upload to the reporting website. This helps the Highways team assess how quickly the problem needs to be resolved.

Here’s the link to report problems online: Devon County Council Roads and Transport – Report a Problem.

Environmental Agency

The Environment Agency does not have a specific on-line form to report concerns they have a free phone number. Please call them if you have any concerns about environmental pollution. Here’s the link to report an environmental issue.